Bullruns always produce a noticeable increase of number of arrogant noobs that visit this sub. Try to understand that these are not trolls but just those early in the Dunning-Kruger curve.

Too many people here often claim this sub is attacked by paid trolls. That's actually inefficient and very unlikely. Bots would be more believable and is proven by the observable instant vote manipulation.

These overconfident fools are likely noobs that got in above 40k and are now feeling insecure because of the fluctuations so they find outlets to release their insecurity about their "store of value" and think expressing their misinformed thoughts will defend their value so they can exit later. It's better to not engage them and let them spend their time scrolling and find out what actually happens when there is actual development and drive to change the world rather than have them spend their time trying to come up with snarky remarks to you calling them paid trolls. (They must feel bad that they aren't paid and are just being stupid for free)

I'll say it again: What is often touted as conspiracy can often be explained by incompetence.

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