Haven’t used BTC since 2017 AMA

I don't understand who would prefer paying higher fees. New people entering crypto aren't whales and paying high fees is tax.Bitcoin is most secure to transfer since it has most hash power. but do you really think 99.9% of people are giga whales ?

Bitcoin was made for micropayments and for people that don't have bank accounts. It also gives you freedom, boardless/instant payments, no income statements proof, privacy, travelling+living on bch in Asia is easy. Store of Value is BS. And bch can be Store of Value + micropayments. With adoption more miners will mine it and it will get more secure. Bch can do everything btc can do and more.

Median fee for any type of transaction is $20 bitcoin, $10 eth (tokens $35+, uniswap even more). Bch fees less than a penny.

I wish new people that entering crypto right now wouldn't get taxed on transactions by miners. They need to find about bitcoin cash asap before they leave this space.When there is so many shills for other cryptocurrencies on twitter, youtube, tik tok, reddit.. Its almost impossible to learn about bitcoin cash.

I sold my btc last month. It was my only transaction done on BTC in last 4 years.

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