I finally ‘spent’ BCH!

I often talk about 'using' crypto for groceries, but what that actually entails is what most of us do: Send crypto to an exchange, sell it, withdraw fiat, then use said fiat at the grocery store.

Sadly my news isn't that I was able to spend BCH directly at Ralph's.

However, I've come across a fantastic musician/streamer who just so happens to be a BCH enthusiast. His handle is kain_niak (apparently he has also interviewed /u/MemoryDealers before), and he is now one of my favorite streamers. His music is top-notch, and he does 'interactive' music, meaning if you suggest tones or lyrics, etc. he will attempt to incorporate it into his music! But that's besides the point.

During the stream, in an unrelated matter I came across some BCH. He accepts BCH on his stream, and I was like, "Why not tip him a buck?" He more than deserved it. If I had the means to tip more I would have, but again besides the point. I used his preferred method of tipping via BCH and it popped up on his stream like a normal donation!

This was literally my first time ever spending crypto AS crypto, and I'm proud that it was BCH. Then he incorporated him saying "I got it in my wallet!" into the song he was mixing. It was just an amazing first experience for me, and I thought it important to share here.

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