Introducing: Nuyen (NUYEN) – A SLP token for the Shadowrun Community

I can't believe I did it, and I can't believe how easy it was to do!

I'd like to introduce a new SLP token, NUYEN. If you're not already familiar, Shadowrun is a tabletop pen & paper role-playing game that mixes cyberpunk and fantasy elements to create a world of magic, corporate rule and wage slavery, and 'Shadowrunners', people who do various black market tasks for a quick buck. The game world was created by Jordan Weisman in the late 80's, and has gone through various editions and has spawned a number of video games on what are now retro consoles (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Mega CD) and PC (Shadowrun FPS, Shadowrun Returns Trilogy). Nuyen is the widely-accepted digital currency in the world of Shadowrun.

I created this SLP token for two reasons:

1) To provide "play money" as an immersive tool for Shadowrunners around the world. Whether or not you're actually playing the game, if you're a fan of Shadowrun, it's pretty cool to be able to have actual Nuyen that you can hold, look at, and transfer.

2) To spread the word about Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrencies in general. I truly do believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of finances, and will eventually be as widely used as Nuyen is in Shadowrun.

For the icon, I chose the eye-searing green-on-black as a symbol of my introduction to Shadowrun. I never actually got to play the pen & paper game. I was introduced to Shadowrun first with the Sega Genesis game. Whenever you're dealing with Nuyen in that game, it is represented with green-on-black, as is most of the in-game text. As tedious as that game is (unless you use the cheat code; remember when video games had those?), that game made me fall in love with the Shadowrun mythos and even kickstarted my love for everything Cyberpunk. I would never have read Neuromancer or Snow Crash if I had never played that game.

I chose to encircle the Nuyen symbol to point attention to the fact that yes, this IS a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are widely referred to as "coins", so the circle gives it the look of a coin.

My goal is to distribute most of the 100B tokens for free. I only say 'most' because I want to keep a little bit for myself just because I think it's fucking cool. I chose to dead-end production to provide some semblance of scarcity, so that if people wanted to give it real-world value in the future, they could. I chose the high number because of its purpose of an immersion tool. I want there to be enough for everybody who wants to use it in their games. I gave it eight decimal places so that if you wanted to, you could get a game going with only one Nuyen. In the world of roleplay, anything can be anything, and with 8 decimal places, 1 Nuyen can be 100,000,000 Nuyen if you want it to be.

I do need help. How should I distribute it? I have some ideas:

1) Connect and collaborate with the mods of r/Shadowrun and other Shadowrun-focused communities.

2) Distribute x Nuyen WITH y BCH so that users not familiar with Bitcoin Cash or cryptocurrencies in general have a means to transfer the token amongst themselves. What should x and y be?

3) Provide education on its usage, but avoid evangelical tactics. I think when users learn how to use Nuyen, they will also learn how to use BCH, and it should be left up to them if they wish to research it further. I don't want to risk breaking their immersion to shill BCH, even though I personally am very excited about BCH.

4) Maybe give Jordan Weisman some Nuyen? I don't know if he would even accept it, but it could help with the hype if he got hyped about it.

Edit: 5) I think it would be really cool if someone made a Shadowrun-themed wallet called CredStick that can hold BCH and SLP tokens. I have no idea how to make my own wallet though!

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I haven't gotten very far in life. Distribution on my own would be impossible unless I gave away ridiculous quantities at a time. Thankfully BCH transfer fees are extremely low, but they will add up when distributing 100B tokens. How should I go about crowd-funding distribution?

I'm open to ideas. I contacted the mods of r/Shadowrun when I was half-asleep last night, so who knows if they will get back to me. You have more information than they do.

What do you think?

Edit: It's actually 100B not 10B LOL.

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