It’s Fusion… weekend! :D

I forgot to schedule this Fusion Friday post, so now it's a Fusion Weekend =P

CashFusion makes Bitcoin Cash a privacy coin. Over 2.5 Million BCH has already been made more private using CashFusion!

Make sure to spin up Electron Cash 4.2.3 today! The more people using CashFusion at once, the more effective it is.

New to CashFusion? No problem, getting set up is pretty easy =)

First, download the Electron Cash desktop wallet. It's got CashFusion built in.

Set up your wallet (and be sure to write down your recovery phrase on a physical piece of paper), then activate CashFusion by clicking the icon in the lower right:

Once it's activated, your wallet will start "fusing" the Bitcoin Cash it contains. Fusions happen over time as their own, separate transactions, and only cost you the network transactions fees (less than a penny). Each fusion transaction will include some of your coins*, so it will take multiple fusion transactions before all the coins in your wallet will be fused. (In the View menu, toggle the "coins tab" to see all of the coins in your wallet. In the "Label" field, fused coins will show CashFusion info.)

Currently, Electron Cash keeps fusing your coins indefinitely. The plan is to eventually allow you to stop fusing automatically after some number of fusions per coin but, until then, there's no downside to leaving it to fuse continuously besides paying the transaction fees. (Every fusion gives you that much more privacy, while also providing "liquidity" for other fusers.)

Electron Cash does not yet prevent you from spending un-fused coins, nor does it prefer fused coins when spending, so it's probably best to leave it fusing and keep your whole wallet fused, and/or pick your coins manually from the Coins tab. If you want that coin-management taken care of for your (and/or you're not comfortable picking coins to spend from the Coins tab), you can always switch back to CashShuffle for now in the Optional Features window, accessible from the Tools menu.

Here's the CashFusion Telegram group where you are welcome to ask questions. (Just remember to be courteous!)

Happy Fusing!! <3

*"Coins" are kind of a confusing concept when it comes to Bitcoin, but you can think of them just like discrete "bills" (or… "coins") in your wallet, but instead of coming in only certain sizes like $1, $5, $10, $20, etc, they can be any amount sent to you in a previous transaction, like 0.618 BCH, 0.000001 BCH, or 123.45679 BCH. (They can also be combined and split up. That happens in most transactions!)

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