The beauty of BCH


In my opinion, the most beautiful thing in bch (or crypto in general) is that I as a European can benefit someone making profit in Africa. My cryptos pump because someone makes money in other side of the world.

On the other hand, my networth also benefits the whole crypto community. When I make money, the whole crypto community around the world benefit from it because it causes a tiny tiny increase in the total market cap.

We are here helping each other. Everybody benefits in holding BCH.

Let us make our goal to increase our stake in the BCH pie. Let us convert a portion of our profits/salary in bch all. You win, I win, the world is a little bit better place for us all.

If you chose to spend a little bit, prefer a merchant who understands the idea of bch and does not instantly dump the coins – heck you might as well use your crypto friend as your "merchant" – pay him/her some crypto to do the transaction for you in fiat.

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